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SLP (UK) LTD Latest News
Acrylic & Styrene Eggcrate
SLP (UK) Ltd Supply eggcrate tiles in both Styrene and Acrylic material. Styrene eggcrate is supplied in cell size 15x15x8mm and are available in opal or black. Styrene eggcrate also comes in 15x15x13mm in opal only. Acrylic eggcrate is available in 15x15x13mm, in opal. For more information please feel free to contact SLP (UK) Ltd
U33 Satin LED System
SLP (UK) Ltd U33 Satin LED System is a linear LED control system, which is designed to improve the high brightness of discrete LED’s to provide a comfortable visual environment. The custom designed prisms on both the inside and outside faces of the section also provide an advantageous photometric distribution altering the output of the LED’s to a more downward and cut off distribution, relieving high luminance values above 65° elevation in the transverse plane.
News News
2mm P52-DGP (De-Glaring Prism) PMMA & PET UV TP(a)
SLP (UK) Ltd are pleased to announce our UGR-19 compliant material, 2mm P52-DGP (De-Glaring Prism). This new material is an extruded product (produced in PMMA & PET UV), designed to comply with CIE 117 and also BS EN 12464. This material also is produced in PET UV which has a TP(a) fire rating.